3 SIM Only

3 SIM only contracts are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to contract phones in the UK. There are a wealth of SIM only plans available to choose from, including rolling contracts to data plans for laptops and tablets to great value 12 month contracts that combine unlimited minutes and texts with large download allowances.

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Keep your phone...

You may be happy with your current phone, and that's great. By going SIM only and putting a new SIM card into your existing contract you could save a substantial amount of money.

Choose from a Nano SIM or a Micro/ Combi SIM to get the card that fits your phone or device.

Or buy a new one

There are other great reasons for going SIM only. If you have had your eye on a handset that has now been discontinued, or you've been coveting a phone that's been passed down through the family, 3g sim deals provide a great way to get the most out of these devices.

Poor credit?

If you've got a poor credit rating SIM only may be the answer, with more lenient checks and much shorter contracts available. This also gives you greater flexibility if, down the line, you decide to upgrade your handset or change the amount of text-minutes, and mobile data you'll think you need.

Providing great value

In fact, even if the phone you're after is fresh in stores a SIM only deal may give you the best value. Most phone contracts consist of 24 monthly instalments. That means a £10/month saving with a SIM only contract amounts to £240 to spend on your handset, or put towards other things. With the flexibility afforded by SIM only contracts, the choice is up to you.

Data only SIMs

SIM only contracts aren't just about replacing your mobile phone package. If you're travelling abroad and you need a large amount of mobile data, rolling data plans are ideal. These data only plans are ideal if you want to watch your Netflix account on holiday, or if you need to stay connected on a business trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sim only deals any good?

SIM only deals are becoming increasingly popular among customers today. As per statistics, in 2010, the number of consumers for SIM only deals increased to about 50%. Financial concerns are said to have triggered the increase in SIM only contract deals and for good reasons too.

A SIM only package offers minutes, texts, and internet for a per-month cost, which is much like the traditional mobile phone contract. However, with a SIM only deal you only get the SIM card and not the phone, which is the case if you enter into a mobile handset deal contract. SIM only deals firstly are often cheaper than mobile deals and for obvious reasons, as you do not have to pay for the handset. Hence, SIM only deal means extra savings for you, plus you have the flexibility to switch to a different mobile service provider if needs be.

Moreover, SIM only deals provide you with a flexibility to choose the bundle based suited for your needs. This means that if you enter into a 3 month contract with your mobile service provider and are unhappy with the bundle you are using, at the end of the contract you could upgrade to a bundle best suited to your requirements, be it extra mobile data to browse the internet, or more minutes for those longer calls with your loved ones. SIM only contracts are generally not as lengthy as mobile phone contracts, meaning your SIM only contract is much more flexible. This is great for people who don't know how many minutes, texts or mb of data they use in a typical month. You may also choose to get a SIM only contract if you have come to an end of your mobile handset contract and do not choose to upgrade it and would rather wait until when your coveted phone hits the market by the end of the year. A SIM only deal is good until you have done your homework. For instance, you should check what kind of SIM cards you really need.

A SIM card has three different sizes ranging from standard SIM, micro SIM, and nano SIM. All smartphones fit a different type of SIM card, so it's important to select the right one for your handset when comparing deals. For instance, it is good to know that all iPhones require nano SIMs while most Samsung and HTC models require micro-SIMs, often packaged as a combi SIM.

Are SIM only deals credit checked?

SIM only deals are best as they do not undergo any credit check. To begin with, it is important to understand what a credit check entails. A credit check involves a scan of your bank account to see whether the customer has made repayments on time.

Missed or late payments reflect on your account for the next six years and a continuous bad credit means that you are mostly likely unable to buy things in instalments or even procure a credit card for that matter. If you are taking a mobile phone deal you will have to go through a credit check. SIM only deals do not, however, require you to undergo a credit check and are often short-term contracts and can even last a month providing you options with either cancelling the contract or extending it for some more period of time.

SIM only deals with no compulsory credit checks tend to operate on a rolling contract basis. This means that as long as you give prior notice of 30 days you can end your contract at any time with no financial penalty to pay. No credit check SIM only deals are best for those who are new to the UK and have no credit history in the country. This deal is also suitable for those who have been struggling to pay off their debts.

Teenagers and young adults are also suited for the No Credit SIM only deal as they too do not have a credit history. In case you are among the one who needs to shift from one place to another due to a job or study purpose and therefore have to change your house too often, the No Credit SIM only deal is the perfect to remain mobile and be in constant touch with your loved ones.

While long term phone deals with credit check normally lasts for a year or two, SIM only plans usually last for not more than a year and are always flexible which means you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the SIM only deal anytime you want without having to pay a financial penalty if you inform your mobile service provider priorly about your decision. There are a number of mobile service providers that offer No Credit SIM only deals. One just needs to browse for the best deal online to enjoy mobile data, call minutes and text message bundle by choosing the tariff best suited for his or her needs.

What does SIM only phone mean

SIM cards that are issued with allowances as part of a contract, but without an accompanying handset are called SIM only deals. Some examples include all GSM networks in the UK.

The SIM only deals are more common in places where mobile phones are sold at subsidized rates and the business model has to depend on the customer staying with the service provider by entering into a contract for a stipulated period of time. SIM only, therefore, refers to a type of contract between you - the customer, and the mobile network operator. The contract is a form of legally binding credit agreement meaning the customer often has to undergo a credit check.

So what does a SIM only deal actually entail? As part of a SIM only contract agreement, the mobile network provider will supply the customer with a SIM card for that network. The customer then pays for an allowance of that the network usage by way of a fixed monthly payment. SIM only contracts vary considerably depending on the package you have selected, but in the UK SIM only contracts generally span 6 - 12 months. SIM only contracts, however, differ from a mobile phone contract in which the customer pays both for the phone and the data usage in monthly instalments. A SIM only contract is much cheaper than a phone contract. SIM only contracts also have a short contract length which makes them popular among potential customers. In case you are looking to buy a mobile phone in instalments, you could enter into a contract with a mobile service provider until the end of the contract period and then choose a SIM only deal if you do not want to change your handset. Since SIM only deals are offered with flexible length contracts, you could more easily change your mobile service provider if you suffer from poor network coverage. Also, a SIM only contract is best if you are waiting for a handset which is yet to enter the market.

It is important however to choose the tariff for the SIM only deal and the kind of deals that are available from different mobile service providers. It is important to keep an eye on what other SIM deals are on offer since tariffs keep changing from time to time which means you can switch to a mobile service provider offering you a lucrative bundle in a cheaper tariff. If we have to consider one downside of a SIM-only phone, it will obviously have to be that you will have to have your own phone as this deal will only provide you with a SIM card. Moreover, if you already have a phone, you may have to shell out an extra bit to get your phone unlocked in case you would want to switch to another mobile service provider.